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Season 7 Guest Experts

Vivianna Gauci - HomeEquity Bank 
Claudio Polito - Appraisal Institute of Canada 
Ernest Bednarz and Aleksandra Bednarz- Malahat Valuation Group 
Francis Cheng - Raymond James Ltd.
Cindy Boury - Raymond James Ltd. 
Franco Papilia - Raymond James Ltd. 

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Finding your Side Hustle, Does money buy happieness?, Insurance as a wealth strategy

Mediation. Considerations when moving cross border. Pay off debt faster. Investing post retirement.

Whole life vs term insurance. The retirement risk zone. Funeral Planning. Spend vs save.

Moving from Canada to the USA. Mutual funds vs ETFs. Investing in real estate.

Financing your Business. Climate change and investments. Income producing portfolios.

Portfolio Performance. Reduce your taxes. Stock market returns without risk.

Protect yourself from scams. Cyber Security. Use your insurance as a wealth strategy.

Building wealth. Estate tax. Stock trading. Increasing cash flow.

Starting CPP. How much you need to retire. Making a difference. Reading your investment statement.

Joining a Chamber of Commerce. Make your money last a lifetime. Eat better for less. Rent vs. buy.

Live at home or assisted living, Alternative Investments, House vs Condo and Retirement Homes

Want to retire, Refinancing, organize your business for success and Tips on Saving

Jan 29, 2022

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