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Founded by Sybil Verch, Host of “The Wealthy Life”

Saturday 6:00pm PST on CHEK
Saturday 11:30am on Global TV 
Saturday 10:30am on Global TV Saskatoon and Regina 

In addition to hosting a nationally televised financial literacy show on Global TV, Sybil is also Executive Vice-President at Raymond James Ltd., Canada’s leading independent wealth management firm, and author of the female empowerment book “The Female Edge”.
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"I had no idea if I was on track to retire or not, but after using the Retirement Needs Calculator I was able to identify a gap and increase my savings accordingly. I have more confidence and less stress about money as a result."
"The Wealthy Life showed me how to find money I didn't even know I had! By using the Cash Flow Snapshot worksheet, I uncovered $6000 per year of cash to direct to my TFSA and am now watching my wealth increase every month!"
"I didn't know what I didn't know, and that made me feel scared and financially vulnerable. The Wealthy Life has taught me how to take control of my finances and make smarter decisions. I am more confident financially and even share ideas with my friends and family - they now think I'm a financial whiz."

Why do I need to learn financial literacy?

Mastering one’s finances is about more than just making money. It’s about creating value in your life. By gaining control over your financial destiny, you gain time, power and motivation to do the things that you truly love. Spend meaningful time with your family and friends, enjoy your favorite hobbies, and escape the clutches of a poverty mindset and allow yourself the freedom to thrive. Reduce stress, increase joy and happiness, and create the dreams you've always imagined.

How will joining The Wealthy Life Club benefit me?

Many people desire to create financial security and abundance for themselves, yet lack the skills, knowledge and mindset in order to realize their goals in these matters. The Wealthy Life Club gives members access to a plethora of fantastic resources, including articles, financial tools and calculators, monthly podcasts with experts in the field, weekly videos and more.

Will I get rich quick?

The Wealthy Life Club is not a get rich quick scheme. It is designed to help you create stability and abundance in whatever form meets your personal needs. Being a gazillionaire has its own stressors, and, as we’ve all seen in the media, doesn’t necessarily mean happiness or a good life. Our club emphasizes using finances as a tool to create a better life for yourself, not making money simply for the sake of making money.

The secret to being wealthy is to spend less than you earn, and you'll always have more than you need.

Can I try it risk free?

Yes. We have a free members section that provides a taste of what you can find in the premium members area. Free members have no obligation to become paid members and can leave at any time.

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