Tips For Creating A Productive Workspace At Home

October 9, 2021

Creating a Home Office

Many of us are now required to spend our work days at home to avoid the spread of the COVID 19 virus. This means working more frequently in a space that is either already dedicated to a home office, or clearing out a corner of your home to use in the short term for your work needs. There are a few things that are required to make this transition a successful one and set you up for productivity at home. Both form and function should be considered to create a space that is comfortable to work in and creates a sense of enjoyment.

 Create the "corner office" feel Let There be Light!

  • Promote yourself to the executive office with a view, you deserve it!
  • Don't situate yourself in a corner with no windows, giving yourself that cramped and dingy office cubicle feel. You aren't an intern anymore!
  • Use furniture pieces that feel rich and luxurious like leather and solid wood
  • Add a few decor items to the room that evoke joy in you and a sense of accomplishment when you look at them Let There be Light! 
  • Choose lighting that illuminates the entire space well, with no dark shadows on your work area
  • Situate your desk by a window for a wash of natural light
  • Use a LED bulbs of 3000K-3500K for a soft hue when choosing task lighting for the space
  • Make sure that your face is illuminated from the front when doing video conferencing calls. Placing your light source behind or above your head can create unflattering shadows

Choose furniture pieces that are not too big, not too small, but are just right! 

  • Not all tables and chairs are the same height. Make sure that your neck and shoulders aren't strained when you are typing
  • We don't need as big of a desk space as one would thing with the use of small laptops. Choose a desk that is long in length and not too deep
  • Everyone is built differently, so make sure that the space is tailored to you

Repurpose furniture pieces that you already own 

  • Turn a hall table or sofa table into a writing desk
  • An extra kitchen or dining table can act as a large desk when used with a proper office chair
  • Use a sideboard as an extra work space and to hide away all of your papers, printer and laptop when not in use

A few stylish art or decor pieces will give your space that personal touch

  • There are some really great, trendy office accessories available. Add a hint of gold, or blush to the space. It is easy to change these items up if you get sick of them
  • Hanging a mirror on the wall will reflect light back into the room to make it feel larger while brightening up the space
  • Have fun with the artwork. Chose a piece that highlights your personality, or reminds you of a far away land that you once travelled to
  • A plant or vase with fresh flowers will always liven up a space!

Words by: Amy McGeachy 

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