Is 2023 your year of goal setting?

With the craziness 2022 had, why not get a bit more serious about your 2023?

Goal setting helps gain momentum in your life, triggers new behaviours, and helps guide your focus in the areas of your life that need it most. 2023 is the year to set goals and achieve.

Here are 5 tips to setting goals this new year:

1. Specify

Goals give you focus and allow you to narrow in on the task at hand. The more specific you are in your goals, the less room there is for idle time and wasted effort. 

Write them down and look at them every day!

2. Break it Down

How can you break down your goal into baby steps that give you confidence in achieving? To be able to see your goal slowly being accomplished allows for mini victories and ability to stay motivated. 

Say your 2023 goal is to learn how to run a marathon, but you’ve never ran over 5 km in your life! To expect to run the entire 42 KM’s your first crack at it, would be unrealistic. Start off with milestones and break your larger goal into steps that will allow you to celebrate the smaller victories while still working towards your larger goal.

3. Set an Action Plan

If you know your goal has a timeline, or required steps in order to succeed, make sure you are aware of the planning involved to achieve. If you need to put reminders in your calendar or create a strategic plan in order to stick with your goal, make sure you do so.

Setting goals is very powerful, but quite pointless if you don’t know the action steps involved in getting to the finish line.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

If you know you are more productive when you have a teammate to work with, make sure to share your goals with those who can hold you accountable. Ask them to check in with you from time to time to ensure you're on the right track to achieving what you set out to do.

If you however are a solo achiever and prefer to get things done yourself, make sure to schedule check in’s with yourself and your progress to your goal.  Whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly check in’s, make sure you schedule these.

5. Celebrate

It is so important to celebrate the victories you accomplish when goal setting! If you complete your goal, make sure you celebrate before moving on to the next one.

You can even set up a victory plan for when you achieve your goal. If your goal is to do that marathon, make a mini vacation part of your achievement plan.

When training for that marathon gets tough, motivation will be more accessible if you know what’s waiting for you once you complete it.

Make 2023 the year you complete your New Year's Resolutions!

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