Financially Fit Assessment

Do you spend less than you earn?
Yes No
Do you understand your personal cash flows? (i.e. income/expenses)
Yes No
Do you know your net worth? (assets minus liabilities)
Yes No
Do you feel confident in your financial future?
Yes No
Have you set goals and a plan to achieve them?
Yes No
Are you organized? (i.e. do you keep proper documentation of your bill payments, taxes, etc. and are well prepared for when time comes to pay them?)
Yes No
Do you have a plan for the unexpected? (i.e. death, disability, career changes)
Yes No
Do you understand your investment options? Risk and return?
Yes No
Do you have a Will and a Power of Attorney?
Yes No
Can you easily identify your priorities? (i.e. family, charity, business)
Yes No
Total Score:
You Need Some Help
Almost There
You're Fit!
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