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Season 1 Production Credits

Sybil Verch

Created by
Sybil Verch
Andrea Roworth
Michael Woloshen
Ted Kuzemski

Michael Woloshen

Technical Producer
Ted Kuzemski

Set Construction
Alex Currie
Gregory Smith
Dale Pudwell
Peter Pokorny

Scenic Artist
Carole Klemm

Set Decorator
Amy McGeachy

Vance Beaupre
Gil Letourneau
Lindsay Nielsen
Ted Kuzemski

Scott Ashton

Production Assistant
Lauren Noel

Tasha Winters

Art Director
Dave Lackmanec

Craft Services
Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry

Irene Jackson

Jim Sprague

Associate Producers
Andrea Roworth
Michael Woloshen

Sybil Verch


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